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Deliverable Grades against China crude oil futures:

The loading origin of the deliverable crude oil grades has been specified by the exchange on March 20th 2018 as:

1. United Arab Emirates Dubai Crude Oil: Fateh Terminal;

2. United Arab Emirates Upper Zakum Crude Oil: Zirku Island;

3. Sultanate of Oman Oman Crude Oil: Mina Al Fahal;

4. State of Qatar Qatar Marine Crude Oil: Halul Island;

5. Republic of Yemen Masila Crude Oil: Ash Shihr;

6. Republic of Iraq Basra Light Crude Oil: Basrah Oil Terminal or SPM;

7. People’s Republic of China Shengli Crude Oil: The place of origin will be announced separately.

Delivery storage facilities:

  1. Sinopec Petroleum Reserve Co., Ltd.,
  2. PetroChina Fuel Oil Company Limited,
  3. Sinochem-Xingzhong Oil Staging (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd.,
  4. Dalian PetroChina International Warehousing & Transportation Co., Ltd.,
  5. Qingdao Shihua Crude Oil Terminal Co., Ltd.
  6. Yangshan Shengang International Oil Logistics Co., Ltd.

Back-up delivery storage facilities:

  1. Dalian Port (PDA) Company Limited,
  2. Yingkou Port Xianrendao Wharf Co., Ltd.,
  3. CNOOC Yantai Port Petrochemical Terminal Co., Ltd.

Storage fees: 

Storage fees has been specified by the exchange (March 20  2018) to be of 0.2 yuan/barrel per day, to be collected by the storage facility from the commodity owner.

Approved inspection agencies:

  1. China Certification & Inspection Group Inspection Co., Ltd.,
  2. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.,
  3. Shanghai Orient Intertek Testing Services Co., Ltd.,
  4. Technical Center for Industrial Product and Raw Material Inspection and testing of SHCIQ